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Coral Reef Junkies

9633 Old St. Augustine Rd., JacksonvilleFL 32257

(904) 551-2008  Open 10am-7pm Tues-Sun, Mondays by appt.

Look for our Coral Windows!  Corner of San Jose Blvd in Mandarin



The holidays are coming...Is your tank ready to be seen?

Call us to come clean your tank!

We do Tank Maintenance!

Top 10 Reasons to Call

Coral Reef Junkies

to Clean Your Tank

1.) "I get my aquarium cleaned the way I like it"

2.)   "I have more time to do other stuff, like frag my corals!"

3.)  "I can trust Coral Reef Junkies to truly care about my tank"

4.)  "The flexible schedule and affordable rates make it easy for me"

5.)  "The relationship with Coral Reef Junkies is one I can depend on"

6.)  "There are no contracts"

7.)  "My tank has never looked better!"

8.)  "People notice my gorgeous tank"

9.)  "I love the philantrophy of CRJ donating to the Coral Restoration Foundation, local schools and other worthy causes"

10.)  "Coral Reef Junkies' service guarantee gives me peace of mind"